What's on at Energy Efficiency Expo


Energy Efficiency Expo’s dedicated B2B exhibition showcases the latest low-carbon technologies and cost-reducing sustainable solutions from leading companies. Explore the exhibition floor to source breakthrough products and services that can undoubtedly help address energy affordability.


• Energy efficient lighting

• Energy monitoring and control equipment/software (Smart Grid/Internet of Things)

• Energy efficient HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) equipment and systems

• Energy efficient refrigeration

• Green Build products i.e. thermal performance products such as window glazing, double pane glass technology, exhaust products, walling panels, insulations, ventilation, air tightness

• Smart domestic appliance

• Microgrid technology and products

• Water heating efficiency technology

• Energy efficient people moving – lifts, escalators and moving walkways


Who's exhibiting in 2019?

More exhibitors coming soon!


Themed “Empowering industries to take control of energy costs,” the free-to-attend conference will deliver essential information to attendees who want to learn about new developments in energy and source solutions to energy efficiency challenges.


Presented by industry leaders, the energy efficiency education theatre will cover the following topics:

The Future of Energy Consumption

Role of Technology

Compliance and Risk

Old Inefficient Equipment and Buildings

Virtual Microgrid and Blockchain

Carbon Management

Project Management and Process Improvement

Energy Procurement, Contracts & Tendering

On-site Renewable Energy

Demand / Response Management

Long-term Payback Options

Energy Audits

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