• 19-28 October 2021
  • Online

Flexibility and the 21st century energy market


Thursday 28 October 2021


10:00am – 11:30am


1 hour and 30 minutes


Our electricity market is transforming, and in this rapidly changing landscape demand side resources like load shaping and demand response are becoming increasingly crucial for affordability, reliability and security.

Just a few days after the long awaited launch of the Wholesale Demand Response Mechanism , this panel will unpack what the new mechanism will mean for the market and for customers, the flexibility opportunities that are yet to be realised, and what business can do now smarten up their interactions with the electricity market.

Chair: Liz Fletcher, Energy Efficiency Council Board Member 

  • Kedem Levy, C&I Demand Response Manager, AGL
  • Marija Petkovic, Founder and Managing Director, Energy Synapse
  • Grant Hatamosa, General Manager, Zen Ecosystems
  • Claire Richards, Manager of Industry Engagement and Regulatory Affairs, Enel X



Liz Fletcher

Energy Efficiency Council Board Member 

Liz has spent her career traversing the energy landscape - designing and delivering successful go to market strategies for businesses such as Shell, TransGrid, Flow Power and Elgas.

With extensive experience in both energy markets and demand response, today Liz partners with energy innovators through Engevity, co-runs the etc, a network for energy communicators and is the Marketing & Communications expert on the Energy Efficiency Council’s Board.


Kedem Levy

C&I Demand Response Manager, AGL

Kedem Levy is one of the leading demand response professionals and leads AGL's engagement with business customers around Flexible Demand opportunities. His experience focuses on building Virtual Power Plants from initial ideation and advisory, to enrolment of participants and portfolio dispatch and management. Two key achievements are creating a 50MW Multi-asset VPP and the largest aggregation of water corps in Victoria into one portfolio.

Marija Petkovic

Founder and Managing Director, Energy Synapse

Marija Petkovic is the Founder and Managing Director of Energy Synapse. Marija is a leading expert in wholesale energy markets and demand response and has worked internationally across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Marija and her team have helped large energy users, retailers and government departments to understand demand response and implement/evaluate programs. Energy Synapse has also recently launched an analytics platform that benchmarks every large-scale wind, solar, battery and pumped hydro asset in the NEM. Marija’s commentary on the energy sector has been featured in the ABC News, Sydney Morning Herald, RenewEconomy and more. Marija holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) (Hons I) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from the University of Sydney.

Grant Hatamosa

General Manager, Zen Ecosystems

Grant defined Zen Ecosystems' product roadmap for the past 4 years, ensuring that the product strategy directly supports the business strategy. Currently, as General Manager of Zen Ecosystems in Australia, he oversees the growth of the business by deploying Zen HQ, a cloud-based energy management platform. Zen Ecosystems is a leading Distributed Energy Management Platform for Commercial and Residential sites. Zen has an installed base of more than 200,000 smart connected devices worldwide across commercial and residential sites providing a simple to use, easy to deploy, and cost-effective energy management solution to those customers.

Claire Richards

Manager of Industry Engagement and Regulatory Affairs, Enel X

Claire Richards is the Manager of Industry Engagement and Regulatory Affairs at Enel X. Enel X is the world’s leading player in demand response services and operates Australia’s largest VPP. Claire is also on the Board of the Energy Efficiency Council, serving as the Chair of the Policy and Advocacy Committee. Prior to Enel X, she was a senior advisor at the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC), where she led rule changes and reviews on frequency control, distributed energy resources, transmission connections, and battery storage. Before that, Claire worked for the Commonwealth government in Canberra focused on policy issues such as climate change, energy efficiency and carbon capture and storage.


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