DER: Looking at the Behind the Meter Applications of Demand Response

DATE: Tuesday, 27 October 2020

TIME: 2:00pm – 3:15pm


This session will look at how data analysis and customer insights is helping accelerate the deployment of behind the meter demand response applications.  

Chair: Lisa Zembrodt, Director, Operations – Energy Markets (Aus), Schneider Electric

Household PV Optimisation Through Hot Water Load Shifting
James Seymour, CEO, Centre for New Energy Technologies (C4NET)

Customer Insights from ARENA-funded Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Projects: The story so far.
Dr Scott Dwyer, Research Principal, UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures

Keeping the lights on: how demand response by C&I businesses helps support the grid
Claire Richards, Manager of Industry Engagement and Regulatory Affairs, Enel X 

Marija Petkovic, Managing Director, Energy Synapse


Lisa Zembrodt
Director Operations – Energy Markets (Aus), Schneider Electric

Lisa Zembrodt is Director, Operations – Energy Markets of Schneider Electric’s Energy and Sustainability Services (ESS) which manages EUR30B in annual energy spend and 128 million metric tons of carbon globally. Before that, she led Schneider’s Global Research & Analytics team from the US headquarters. She’s spent 15 years forecasting global energy markets, managing hedging and trading programs, negotiating energy supply contracts, and advising on long-term investment decisions.  Lisa is a Certified Energy Risk Professional and a director of the Energy Users Association of Australia. Editor of ESS’s monthly energy outlook, she is a regular commentator in leading media outlets. Lisa is passionate about leading clients in the journey from passive to active energy management and progressing the sustainability agendas of energy producers and consumers.

James Seymour
CEO, Centre for New Energy Technologies (C4NET)

James Seymour is an experienced and passionate leader in the development and deployment of new technologies, particularly within the rapidly evolving energy sector. With more than 20 years of technology commercialisation experience, James has led the development and management of IP, technology, corporate strategy, policy and innovative business models both in Australia and internationally.

James has focused in particular on commercialisation of new energy technologies driven by changing consumer preferences, technology advancement and government policies. These technologies have included solar, battery/storage, IoT, microgrids and alternative networks, and the financing and policy environments that support such growth. James’s professional career has spanned roles in venture capital, leading energy businesses in gen-tailing and distribution, government, solar manufacturing and new ventures. James has been awarded a BEng (Chem), Grad Dip (Applied Science) and MBA from The University of Melbourne.

Dr Scott Dwyer
Research Principal, UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures 

Dr Dwyer has 15 years’ experience advising on sustainable energy within consumer, technology, market, and policy contexts. As a senior member of the Energy Futures Team, he works across a diverse range of projects at the cutting-edge of energy research. Prior to joining ISF, Scott worked for a European consulting firm that supported some of the world's largest energy utilities and manufacturers in launching new distributed energy products and services. 

Claire Richards
Manager of Industry Engagement and Regulatory Affairs, Enel X 

Claire Richards is the Manager of Industry Engagement and Regulatory Affairs at Enel X, the world’s leading player in power flexibility. Prior to Enel X, Claire spent over four years at the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC), where she served as a Senior Advisor driving rule changes and reviews in the areas of frequency control, distributed energy resources, transmission connections, and battery storage. Prior to the AEMC, Claire worked for the Commonwealth government in Canberra focused on policy issues such as climate change, energy efficiency and carbon capture and storage.

Marija Petkovic
Managing Director, Energy Synapse

Marija Petkovic is the Founder and Managing Director of Energy Synapse. Marija is a leading expert in wholesale energy markets and has worked internationally across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. At Energy Synapse, Marija and her team help project developers, investors and corporates to understand wholesale markets and develop revenue models for clean energy. Energy Synapse offers bespoke consulting services and is also developing a new analytics platform for the NEM. Marija’s commentary and analysis are regularly featured in the ABC News, Sydney Morning Herald, RenewEconomy, and more. Marija holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) (Hons I) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from the University of Sydney.


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