• 26-27 October 2022
  • MCEC, Melbourne

Inaugural energy efficiency expo offers cost-saving energy management solutions

Energy Efficiency Expo, to be held for the first-time next week at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (23-24 October), is set to offer business, government and industry with the practical solutions and services to manage ever-rising energy costs.

Launched by Reed Exhibitions Australia, in partnership with the Energy Efficiency Council (EEC), Energy Efficiency Expo is a two-day free-to-attend conference and exhibition, featuring over 80 speakers and 40 innovative suppliers of energy management and cost-savings solution.

“Energy prices continue to rise to almost unaffordable levels both for consumers and business, with energy efficiency the most effective method to reducing the cost burden of this fundamental operational resource. This is the premise of Energy Efficiency Expo across our conference, featuring over 80 speakers sharing their insights and strategies to empower better energy management, and our exhibition floor featuring innovative energy solutions suppliers. These suppliers on the exhibition floor will provide visitors with access to the latest low-carbon and energy cost-saving products or services, which when implemented have the capability to transforming their organisation’s energy efficiency, reducing cost and reducing environmental impact.” Robby Clark, Exhibition Director at Reed Exhibitions Australia, said.

Energy Efficiency Expo’s exhibitors will be showcasing a wide range of low-carbon and energy cost reduction products and services, such as energy efficient lighting, energy management equipment and software, energy efficient HVAC, thermal performance products, microgrid technology and water heating efficiency technology.

Suppliers Preview Expo Presence Nick Butler, General Manager, National Carbon Bank of Australia, in discussing the focus of the their presence at the inaugural Energy Efficiency Expo, commented: "The National Carbon Bank of Australia (NCBA) specialise in all aspects of electricity saving, helping businesses to identify and implement energy conservation measures and finance their implementation. In July, we merged with Green Energy Trading, to become Australia's leading environmental trader and energy certificate creator and are active across a number of renewable and energy efficiency schemes. For over a decade, NCBA has supported individuals and businesses to realise energy saving under the Victorian and New South Wales Energy Efficiency schemes, and we are an approved Project Proponent under the federal Emissions Reduction Fund. At Energy Efficiency Expo, we look forward to showcasing our HEER and STPR offer and engaging with the industry about how we can help their organisation."

Tim Washington, Director, JET Charge, Australia’s largest supplier, installer and manager of electric vehicle charging stations, comments on their presence at the expo: "JET Charge is the largest EV charging infrastructure company in Australia, and we're excited to showcase our full range of products at this year's Energy Efficiency Expo. With EVs set to dominate the Australian market, we need to ensure that the right technical solutions are implemented to support how we charge them. For the first time, JET Charge will be showcasing our innovative charging, energy management and payment solutions, so that anybody can charge their EV."

Craig Lovel, Australian Modern Building Alliance (AMBA) Chair, comments: “Constructing and renovating buildings with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind is vital, particularly at a time when Australia’s energy costs and demands are increasing. In Australia, our buildings account for 19 per cent of the total energy used and 18 per cent of our total direct GHG emissions. The expo will be a chance to shine a light on polymer-based construction products’ ability to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of our buildings. This allows us to deliver safe, sustainable and energy efficient modern buildings as a key part of Australia’s transition to a low-carbon economy.”

Kareen Boutonnat, Group COO at Lightsource BP, shares: “Lightsource BP are launching Tribe, a groundbreaking Home Energy Management System (HEMS) at the Expo – we’ll be providing live demonstrations and workshops for any solar installers or suppliers looking to expand their offering. Tribe enables solar installers, distributers and utilities to help homeowners to squeeze extra value from their solar installation by powering air conditioning, electric vehicles and smart home devices intuitively. Tribe makes our partners’ proposition one of the most attractive on the market by allowing homeowners to optimise their solar consumption and maximise their returns, and we’re excited to introduce it to the industry.”

Merrily Hunter, Director at MAC Energy Efficiency Group, shares MAC Energy Efficiency Group’s focus will be to demonstrate their energy efficiency compliance, training and field auditing solutions and services: “We will be doing demonstrations of our EEIQ online learning platform at the expo this year as we are launching several new training modules at the expo covering Commercial Lighting, NSW Retrofits (HEER) & VEET Hot Water. EEIQ is the first of its kind in this industry, the feedback has been incredibly positive, and we are seeing such a large uptake the more people realise just how much time, money and resources this platform will save them.”

Glenn Day, National Sales Manager, in discussing Stiebel Eltron’s presence at the inaugural Energy Efficiency Expo said: "At Energy Efficiency Expo, Stiebel's focus will be showcasing our electric, energy efficiency hot water and heating products, including our air source heat pumps and electric instantaneous water heaters, which are a future-proof replacement for gas. Stiebel Eltron heat pumps are uniquely designed to use a fraction of the energy to heat the same amount of water as a conventional electric storage water heater and are up to five times more efficient, which for PV systems leaves more power to run household appliances, charge an electric vehicle or store energy in a battery. Equally, our electric instantaneous hot water solution, ideally placed in buildings and apartments, unlock extra space, reduce energy and its ongoing cost to residents; which is crucial as society moves to an all-electric renewable grid. Stiebel Eltron is leading the renewable charge and is committed to offering products and systems that will make homes fit for the future."

Alper Terciyanlı, CEO of inavitas, explained the expo will provide an opportunity to engage with the Australian organisations, with the Australian market of strategic importance to the business: “The Australian market has known our digital technology product, inavitas, with T4E our acting company. At Energy Efficiency Expo, we'll be participating under our new structure for the first time, with our digital operations all 'under the roof' of our inavitas brand. Our inavitas offering enables the energy flow, consumption and production to be monitored and controlled, through innovative and adaptive digital technologies, which then turn this data into actionable intelligence. Our aim is to make companies a pioneer in both energy technology and business.”

Craig Heckenberg, Managing Director, Epson Australia, in discussing their presence at the inaugural Energy Efficiency Expo, shares: “Epson’s proprietary heat-free business inkjet technology uses 87% less energy than laser printers without sacrificing speed or quality. At Energy Efficiency Expo, we are excited to be offering visitors a ‘pedals-on’ demo that shows just how energy efficient Epson business inkjet technology is and how switching to it can save your business money, while drastically reducing its carbon footprint.”

Clive Pearce, Managing Director of Energy On, said Energy On will be at the Energy Efficiency Expo to promote smart, efficient and effective multi-unit buildings through Microgrids: “Energy On was formed to pass back the benefits of an Embedded Networks to the stakeholders of the network. Since that time, nearly 10 years ago, we’ve shifted our focus to the future of electricity in multi-unit buildings. We are determined to lead, support and facilitate the evolution of new and existing multi-unit buildings from Embedded Networks to Microgrids and Smart Cities. The vision is to bring together the best and brightest in generation, storage and building efficiencies to provide a well planned and executed strategy to best meet the needs of stakeholders.”

Additional companies with a confirmed presence at Energy Efficiency Expo include: Alinta Energy –Geothermal, Captech, CarbonetiX, Eco Light Up, Fuseco, Gree, Intelli Particle, Lightwork Residential, Omniflow Australia, Schneider Electric, Sidco, Sustainability Victoria, Thermoshield, UL LED Lighting, Wattly, Wattwatchers and Zen EcoSystems.

Event Details: The inaugural Energy Efficiency Expo will be held from 23-24 October 2019, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, with a focus on helping organisations solve their energy affordability and productivity challenges through insights shared in the conference and solutions displayed on the exhibitor floor. Visitors will also have the benefit of gaining access to the co-located All-Energy Australia and Waste Expo Australia. All-Energy Australia is the industry’s largest all-encompassing clean energy event, with a theme of ‘Advancing Australia’s transition to a clean energy future’ in 2019. Waste Expo Australia is also a free-to-attend industry event applicable to professionals within the waste management and wastewater treatment industries.

Together, the three industry events, will combine to form Australia’s most comprehensive opportunity for businesses to learn about renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable solutions. Free registration for Energy Efficiency Expo is available at www.energyefficiencyexpo.com.au