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The Monthly Energy Efficiency News Roundup – September 2018

8 October 2018

Here’s our energy efficiency news roundup for February 2020


Hit hard by volatile energy prices, Australian manufacturers have been advised to reduce their reliance on gas

Manufacturers in Australia can take control of their energy costs by investing in energy efficiency. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the Energy Efficiency Council and the Australian Industry Group have launched Australian Manufacturing: Gas Efficiency Guide, which outlines strategies to deliver energy and cost savings across gas-intensive manufacturing operations.

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Low-income earners could save hundreds on power bills under Senator Tim Storer’s plan

Independent South Australian Senator Tim Storer introduced to the Senate a bill to help low-income earners reduce energy bills each year. Under the proposed legislation, landlords may claim a tax offset of up to $2,000 a year for energy efficiency upgrades on rental properties. Senator Storer said improving energy efficiency could cut usage in half and decrease bills by at least $150 each year.

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Farmers to flock to solar and battery storage, as power costs bite

Energy costs can significantly affect the bottom line of businesses, including farms. Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Agri Insights report reveals that energy costs represent 11% of farmers input costs. To take control over energy prices, 76% of farmers in the country are interested in investing in solar with battery storage.

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Improving energy efficiency for manufacturers

ABB’s food and beverage leader in Australia, John Rieusset, shares how manufacturers can improve energy efficiency in their plant, while reducing costs and enhancing overall equipment effectiveness.

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Energy-efficient windows: How much will you really save?

This is an article written by a US-based real estate website, but it’s still a good read for builders and architects in Australia who are thinking of adding energy efficient windows to homes.

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Lighten your retail overheads with energy efficient lighting

Most retailers choose lighting based on setting the mood and atmosphere of the store. But only a few merchandisers know that installing the right lights can save up to 15 per cent off their energy bill. Reducing energy costs in the retail industry is one of the easiest ways to increase profit without increasing sales. 

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