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The Monthly Energy Efficiency News Roundup - March

5 April 2019

Here’s our energy efficiency news roundup for March 2019


New regulations to increase energy efficiency

The Federal Government has introduced new regulations, which intend to make it easier for consumers to choose the air conditioner that best suits their needs and help them reduce their energy bills. A new determination under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) Act 2012 will change the regulatory requirements for air conditioners.

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NT Government invests in energy efficiency

One-off grants are now available to Local Government Councils in the Northern Territory thanks to a $2 million State Government investment. Lighting upgrades, shade structures, renewable energy power systems, pool covers to reduce evaporation, solar hot water systems and energy efficient pumps are some of the initiatives councils could implement to help to reduce energy use and greenhouse emissions costs.

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IEA holds high-level workshop on digitalisation of energy efficiency

Energy is increasingly going digital – better sensors, real-time data analytics and other innovations are enabling greater efficiencies and optimising the way energy is consumed across key sectors and end uses. Digital technologies are also enabling energy efficiency to play a more central role within the energy system, for example by enabling greater deployment of distributed renewable energy sources or by making electricity grids more flexible and responsive.

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Researchers look to make shopping centres, stores more energy efficient

A new research project from the University of Wollongong’s SMART Infrastructure Facility is exploring ways to improve energy efficiency in shopping centres and retail outlets through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The project is being conducted in partnership with building services providers, Grosvenor Engineering Group and Enviro Building Services, and the NSW Government, and is part of the university’s SMART’s Digital Living Lab, which provides solutions for smarter living in buildings using the Internet of Things.

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Toll creates Australia-first carbon neutral warehouse for Nike

Toll’s custom-built Nike warehouse in Melbourne’s Altona North has become the first-ever facility in Australia to achieve a whole-of-building carbon neutral certification under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). The site’s energy efficiency program featured upgrades to a 2.5 kilometre long conveyor system which is powered by 145 individual electric motors, and the retrofitting of 1,300 light fixtures with high efficiency LEDs. This has led to a halving of the site’s total electricity consumption, exceeding the greenhouse reductions required by NCOS.

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Vivid Technology takes smart LED lighting to emerging agritech sector

Melbourne-based tech company Vivid Technology is spreading its wings into the growing horticulture lighting industry now that it’s proved itself as a provider of intelligent LED lighting systems for companies such as Coca Cola and Interface.

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