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The Monthly Energy Efficiency News Roundup – June

28 June 2019

Here’s our energy efficiency news roundup for June 2019.


Australia is on its knees while world leaps ahead on energy efficiency

The Energy Efficiency Council’s ‘The World’s First Fuel’ report shows that other countries are delivering huge cuts to energy bills using energy efficiency, while Australia has made almost no progress in the past three years. 

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Australia could cut emissions and power bills by adopting global energy efficiency standards 

Australian households and businesses could save more than $7 billion a year in total on power bills by improving their energy efficiency. An Energy Efficiency Council report released on Wednesday has also found Australia could meet half of its commitment to reduce greenhouse emissions by 26 to 28 per cent by 2030 if global energy efficiency practices would be adopted.

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South Australia leads push for energy efficiency 

South Australia is leading a push towards energy efficiency, with State Minister for Energy, Dan van Holst Pellekaan, calling for Australia to ramp up its ambition. Minister van Holst Pellekaan described energy efficiency as the “first fuel” because the cheapest source of energy is cutting energy waste. 

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How NABERS will transform the performance of UK office buildings 

A scheme to create an investment grade rating that reflects building performance based on the Australian NABERS energy rating scheme is in development in the UK. The hope is to bridge the performance gap between design and actual performance of office buildings. 

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Energy efficiency increasing in Australian homes 

The CSIRO has found that Australian residential homes are becoming larger in size and more energy efficient, thanks to new data from its Australian Housing Data (AHD) portal. Around 11.4 per cent of Australia’s emissions can be attributed to households, and with construction continuing at a steady pace, the AHD Portal can pinpoint where energy efficiency efforts are on track, and where they may need increased focus. 

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How Australia and China are collaborating on energy efficiency

Universities in Australia and China are working on new technological solutions to one of energy productions' toughest challenges; how to even out demand for electricity. 

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