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The Monthly Energy Efficiency News Roundup - April 2020

30 April 2020

Here’s our energy efficiency news roundup for April 2020.


Dubbo Regional Council joins cities power partnership 

New South Wales’ Dubbo Regional Council has announced it is now a member of Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership (CPP) program.

Councils signing on to the Cities Power Partnership initiative make five pledges relating to either renewable energy, efficiency, transport or working in other ways to tackle climate change.

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Keeping an eye on the energy efficiency ball is crucial

What happens to energy efficiency when people desert the CBDs because of the COVID-19 pandemic to work from home, and then send energy consumption through the roof with their domestic consumption?

In a stark reminder that we need to keep focused on this area that we rely on to bring down global greenhouse gas emissions, the Energy Efficiency Council on Thursday issued a call out to Australian governments to not forget this crucial sector.

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How to flatten the curve on energy costs during the Covid-19 lockdown

With Australian states looking likely to bypass federal government guidelines and head straight to a stage 3 Coronavirus lockdown just in time for the colder months, now is a very good time to start thinking about energy efficiency in the home.

Not only will you have the time to think deeply about this Very Important Subject, but cutting your energy consumption and being smart about how you use electricity in the home remains one of the best ways to reduce your power bills, at a time when every penny counts.

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New NCC requirements for energy efficiency taking effect on 1 May 

The National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 had introduced significant changes to the provisions outlined in Section J of Volume 1, which sets out the requirements for energy efficiency of buildings. The transition period for these requirements introduced in May 2019 will be ending on 1 May 2020.

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A decarbonised Australia is possible, and buildings are a low-hanging fruit 

It’s possible for Australia to limit temperature increase to 1.5°C but only if every sector – including the built environment – commits to an “all in” approach, according to a new report from ClimateWorks Australia.

The not-for-profit climate research and advisory organisation released a new report on the weekend outlining solutions to achieve net zero emissions across all sectors and meet Australia’s climate goals by 2050.

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We need homes with built-in energy efficiency 

More new homes spring up every year, and for an ever-growing number of people, these homes are apartments.

Since 2011, the number of units started each year has increased by over 70 per cent, compared to a 25 per cent increase in detached houses over the same period.

Apartment buildings house dozens of people who all turn lights and heating/cooling systems on and off multiple times a day.

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Covid-19 stimulus a golden chance to boost energy efficiency: ESIA

Targeted fiscal stimulus for households and businesses to undertake much needed energy efficiency upgrades will rapidly stimulate the economy and deliver long-term benefits. This approach will deliver much more than a short-term sugar hit as part of any well-considered covid-19 recovery plan, according to the Energy Savings industry Association (ESIA).

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The Brisbane home that shows 8.7 NaTHERS needn’t cost the earth 

Many people wanting to build their dream home think energy efficiency and sustainability come at a major price premium thanks to costly add-ons.

But a home in the Brisbane suburb of Sherwood designed by Dion Seminara and his team was completed on a tight budget for a retiree client.

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Frasers Property Australia to put Passive House through its paces 

Passive House Certification is edging closer to Australia’s mass market, with Frasers Property Australia locking in a builder for its first pilot of the energy-efficient certification scheme.

In a bid to become the first volume developer in Australia to achieve Passive House certification, Frasers Property Australia has selected Creation Homes to build the medium density Parkwood precinct in Melbourne’s Point Cook, which will include one Certified Passive House.

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